Texas Hospital Association Working with Baylor Scott & White to Improve Patient Care

(Austin – Jan. 10, 2018) THA Smart Ribbon, a product of the Texas Hospital Association’s Center for Technology Innovation, has announced a new collaboration with Texas-based Baylor Scott & White Health.

THA Smart Ribbon exposes physicians more routinely to information that could drive awareness of key cost and patient data. Through its collaboration with Baylor Scott & White, physicians will be shown real-time cost and risk data at the point of care in a graphic “ribbon” of information. The initial roll out of THA Smart Ribbon was implemented at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple, but could be scaled to any facility.

"We endeavor to provide the best possible care to our patients which involves innovative approaches on how we access and provide care,” said Stephen Sibbitt, M.D., chief medical officer at Scott & White Medical Center – Temple. “The benefit of an integrated delivery system with our electronic medical record has allowed us to reduce unnecessary testing and care, which ultimately benefits the patients and lowers healthcare costs overall.”

Through the Smart Ribbon, physicians can evaluate the need for previously performed tests such as chest X-rays, EKGs, and blood tests. This program helps physicians determine the appropriate care by examining the necessity of the test, including costs to the patient and how the test can impact the patient’s care. While providing the best care is the first priority for physicians, they routinely have options, including lower cost prescription medications and varying services, some of which are duplicative. Through the care they provide, physicians affect about 87 percent of hospital costs, often unknowingly. The patent-pending, non-intrusive ribbon hovers over a hospital’s electronic medical record and gives physicians information about patients without EHR integration. From the main ribbon, physicians access more detailed ribbons of information about medications, labs and radiology as well as a price-lookup feature.

As physicians and health care systems become more aligned to control costs and improve care, THA Smart Ribbon can improve collaboration. Specifically, THA Smart Ribbon:

  • Uses existing data feeds to gather clinical data.
  • Piggybacks on existing authentication and permission infrastructure.
  • Shows each physician how he or she compares to peers regarding medication, lab and radiology spending per case.
  • Produces measurable reduction in costs.

To learn more about THA Smart Ribbon, contact Alex Huff at ahuff@tha.org or go to www.tha.org/smartribbon.



Lance Lunsford, senior vice president, strategic communications
Email: llunsford@tha.org
Twitter: @lancelunsford

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