THA Statement on Election's Impact on Health Care

(Austin – Nov. 9, 2016)  – Following the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States Tuesday, the Texas Hospital Association released the following statement by Ted Shaw, THA president/ CEO.

"While the election results were decisive, there is considerable uncertainty about what the future of health care looks like. Texas hospitals will continue to provide the highest quality care to anyone who seeks it, but that care requires stable and adequate funding. Repeal without replacement of the ACA’s provisions that have reduced the number of uninsured would be problematic for any leadership be they Republican or Democrat. Any replacement needs to ensure that patients can get the care they need and providers are fairly paid for services provided. At the same time, cutting Medicaid funding would undermine the innovations, care improvements and cost efficiencies achieved by Texas Medicaid since 2011. Nonetheless, Texas hospitals will welcome a discussion about how entitlement programs can be reformed and improved so they are financially sustainable.

"For almost a decade, hospitals have adjusted in an age of reform as health care professionals strategized and adjusted to new priorities in quality and patient safety brought on by the ACA. While the law isn’t perfect, the opportunity now exists to engage consumers and political leaders on policies that go beyond whether you do or do not support Obamacare. Instead, we must fully invest ourselves in what it means to be healthy, what it means to provide health care, and how we want to pay for it."



Lance Lunsford, vice president, strategic communications
Twitter: @lancelunsford

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