Enrollment for Health Insurance Marketplace Opens

Texans Can Purchase Affordable Health Coverage Through Dec. 15

(Austin – Nov. 1, 2017) Open enrollment through the health insurance marketplace begins today and runs through Dec. 15 at healthcare.gov.

Open enrollment is the best opportunity for consumers to check coverage status, enroll in a health plan or make any changes to coverage for the coming year.

“Texas hospitals are committed to ensuring that Texans have access to affordable, comprehensive health care coverage options, and we encourage uninsured Texans to get covered,” said Ted Shaw, president/CEO of the Texas Hospital Association. “Health insurance is an essential component to getting and staying healthy, and it does not have to be expensive.”

Many uninsured Americans believe they cannot afford coverage. However, almost 85 percent of marketplace enrollees lower their monthly premiums using federal tax credits, and 57 percent get additional help to reduce out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and deductibles.

Every Texas county has at least one health plan available through the marketplace this year, and the majority of Texas counties have several choices. Even in counties with only one marketplace insurance provider, multiple health plan options are available with a variety of benefit packages, provider networks and cost-sharing structures.

THA is reminding the 4.5 million uninsured Texans of the marketplace options through a consumer-focused education and outreach campaign throughout the open enrollment period to encourage uninsured Texans to purchase marketplace health insurance. Texas is positioned to build on the coverage gains Texas secured last year with approximately 1.2 million Texans purchasing individual health coverage through the marketplace.



Lance Lunsford, vice president, strategic communications
Email: llunsford@tha.org
Twitter: @lancelunsford

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