Renewing the Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver

Texas’ Medicaid Transformation and Quality Improvement 1115 waiver is driving major health care innovation throughout the state. There are currently more than 1,300 delivery system improvement projects, representing $3 billion in transformation dollars. The waiver also provides an additional $3.1 billion in funds to offset the cost of delivering uncompensated care.

The five-year waiver expires in 2016. The state must begin work on renewal in 2015.

Renewal of the Medicaid Transformation Waiver is critical so that hospitals and other local health care partners can continue to develop and implement projects that address unmet mental health needs, deliver comprehensive diabetes care, provide primary care and medical homes, prevent hospital readmissions, improve access to care through telemedicine and much more. Increasing the amount of uncompensated care funds provided through the waiver is also needed to more accurately address the hospitals’ need for these funds.


John Berta, senior director, policy analysis, 512/465-1556