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The Texas Hospital Associaton
 03/10/2020 Hospitals Gird For Coronavirus Surge After Years Of Cutbacks
With a potential surge of coronavirus patients, there may not be enough beds, equipment and staff to handle an epidemic. …   Read more
 11/04/2019 The Jury is in: Hospitals Say Patient Safety Organizations are Effective in Measurably Improving Patient Care Quality
Upon the 20th anniversary of the “To Err is Human” report, the Office of the Inspector General reports patient safety organizations are effective in preventing patient harm and improving patient outcomes …   Read more
 05/06/2019 Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital Receives Quality Award
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has received the TMF Hospital Quality Improvement Bronze Award from TMF® Health Quality Institute. The award is sponsored by TMF, the Arkansas Hospital Association, Oklahoma Hospital Association, Oklahoma State Office of Rural Health, Texas Hospital Association and Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals …   Read more
 04/17/2019 Lawmakers Can Protect Health Care Consumers From Surprise Medical Bills and Their Freedom of Choice
LinkedIn | Stephanie Limb
Yesterday afternoon, the Texas Senate passed a bill, almost unanimously, to protect patients from unexpected health care bills when they unknowingly receive care from an out-of-network provider. This is a huge victory. What's not cause for celebration, however, is their overreach into the free market …   Read more
 04/15/2019 Keeping Our Promises To Texas Mothers And Babies
Trib Talk | Robert Hendler, M.D.
Protecting the health of mothers and babies is a promise made by everyone who works in health care. A healthy baby has a better chance of growing into a healthy child and a healthy and productive adult.…   Read more
 04/15/2019 The cure for surprise medical billing won't work for hospitals
Austin American-Statesman | Ted Shaw
Patients should never be surprised by unexpected bills for out-of-pocket costs for emergency or unplanned health care services. That’s something health plans, hospitals, physicians and lawmakers agree on…   Read more
04/05/2019 Texas Attracts Most Healthcare Data Hacks But It Is Fighting Back
Texas Public Radio | Paul Flahive
Texas has led the country in total hacking breaches reported to HIPPA for four of the past five years. The state also ranked high in total number of records stolen, with more than 1.4 million individuals’ records stolen since 2014.…   Read more
03/29/2019 Guest Commentary: A Health Care Crisis Threatens Texas
Amarillo Globe-News | Dr. Doug Curran, Texas Medical Association; Dr. Rebecca Hart, Texas Academy of Family Physicians; John Henderson, Texas Organization of Rural Co
Texas faces a fast-approaching health care crisis that no one is talking about: The expiration of an agreement with the federal government that would strip the state of $6 billion a year…   Read more
03/07/2019 Commentary: A Health Care Crisis Threatens Texas, And No One’s Talking About It
Austin American-Statesman | Doug Curran, Rebecca Hart and John Henderson
Texas faces a fast-approaching health care crisis that no one is talking about: The expiration of an agreement with the federal government that would strip the state of $6 billion a year…   Read more
03/05/2019 Opinion: Texas Trauma Hospitals Need Continued State Funding
Caller Times | Dr. Osbert Blow, Christus Spohn Health System
In the early morning of Aug. 21, 2017, on a farm-to-market road in Calallen in the northwest corner of Corpus Christi, a driver made a mistake and a tragedy occurred. The consequences of that mistake were devastating…   Read more
02/19/2019 Texas  trauma hospitals need continued state funding
TribTalk | Robert Hendler, M.D.
When most of us think of trauma events, we think of mass casualty events like school shootings, natural disasters or terror attacks. But every day, in communities big and small across our state, Texans fall, have car crashes, experience household and industrial accidents and are assaulted. Each year, more than 130,000 Texans experience trauma injuries requiring hospitalization…   Read more