Benefits of the THA Retirement Plan
Advantages of Participating in the THA Retirement Plan

Reduced Hospital Liability
Your hospital reduces its fiduciary exposure risk by transferring retirement plan management responsibilities and liabilities from the hospital's staff and board to the THA Retirement Plan.

Oversight Management
The THA Board of Trustees appoints chief executive officers and executives of participating hospitals to oversee the operation of the THA Retirement Plan. The Texas Hospital Association works closely with several independent professionals to ensure that all THA Retirement Plan administrative and regulatory needs are met. This ensures good management and fiscal responsibility.

Exclusive Benefit
Sponsored by the Texas Hospital Association and offered only to employees of THA-member facilities, the THA Retirement Plan is one of the largest trade association-sponsored retirement programs in the United States.

Investment Performance
Superior long-term performance is achieved by taking prudent risks and careful adherence to investment policies and objectives.

Pooled Investments
The large asset base attracts high-quality investment talent at reduced costs that are shared by all participants in the THA Retirement Plan.

Common Administration
Bulk purchasing of external services for common operational needs results in lower costs for all participants.

Customized Control
As a participant in the THA Retirement Plan, your hospital can customize your plan to meet the unique needs of your organization – whether it is a private or public facility. Our experts work directly with you to design a plan that provides meaningful retirement benefits for your employees.

Diversified Investments
Broad participation in different types of investments reduces volatility and risk, and provides stability during unfavorable economic conditions. A board of Successor Trustees oversees the management of the THA Retirement Plan through a group of nationally known investment managers. They carefully select and monitor fund investments in a diversified group stock, bond and mutual fund portfolios.

Retirement assets are held in trust funds operated for the exclusive benefit of participants and their beneficiaries, and protected from creditors under federal law.

Comprehensive Services
Periodic reviews with each participating hospital ensure that investment, administrative and regulatory needs are fully met.


Lea Anne Porter, vice president, retirement plans, 512/465-1544