FEMA Public Assistance Webinar

As part of THA’s ongoing work to help our member hospitals recover and rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, THA partnered with Witt O’Brien's to offer an educational webinar on seeking public assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The deadline for hospitals to submit the initial required document in the FEMA claims process – the Request for Public Assistance — was Oct. 31. The RPA is a notice of interest to receive FEMA funds that triggers the assignment of a FEMA case manager to work with the hospital on the larger application for assistance. More information on the RPA is available from www.tha.org/Harvey.

The THA/Witt webinar focused on the claims process after the RPA is submitted, and FEMA staff begins working with hospitals on identifying categories of eligible funding, documentation and insurance requirements.

The 75-minute webinar featured Cameron Duncan, J.D., THA assistant general counsel, who provided a short overview of the role of FEMA and the Texas Division of Emergency Management in providing financial assistance for damage or loss. Bill Riley, managing director, and Rick Patterson, associate managing director at Witt O’Brien’s dove more deeply into the claims process and provided strategies and techniques to maximize recovery support dollars and:

  • Discussed common pitfalls in the recovery process.
  • Provided a proven decision making process for moving forward after an event.
  • Provided successful examples of mitigation measures at health care facilities after a major disaster.

Witt O’Brien's is a Houston-based company specializing in crisis and emergency response solutions. These webinars do not constitute an official THA endorsement of Witt’s services, although THA HealthShare has initiated the due diligence process for Witt O’Brien's to become an endorsed partner.