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Legislative and Regulatory Activities

The Texas Hospital Association actively monitors legislative and regulatory activities in Washington, D.C., and maintains regular contact with members of the Texas Congressional delegation to ensure that federal policy serves the needs of Texas hospitals and patients. With a dedicated federal lobbyist, THA members have a voice in the federal policymaking process.

The U.S. Congress recently released its plan—the American Health Care Act—to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and convert the Medicaid entitlement to a program of fixed federal funding. As introduced, the American Health Care Act would:

  • repeal most of the coverage provisions of the ACA;
  • replace the ACA's premium subsidies with tax credits based on an individual's age, not income;
  • eliminate scheduled cuts to Medicaid disproportionate share hospital payments and provide some enhanced funding for states that did not expand Medicaid; and
  • convert the current Medicaid entitlement to a financing mechanism that relies on per capita caps.

While the Texas Hospital Association cannot support the legislation in its current form, it is committed to working with stakeholders and Congress to identify solutions to improve the legislation. As such, THA is advocating for the following priorities:

1. maintain the insurance coverage gains achieved over the life of the ACA;
2. repeal the hospital funding cuts, including scheduled reductions in Medicaid DSH payments, that were intended to pay for increased coverage under the ACA; and
3. advocate for broader use of 1115 waivers, rather than capping federal Medicaid funding, to give states the desired flexibility to administer their Medicaid programs.

As soon as it is made available, THA will provide additional updates and current information on this page and in the weekly Health Care Advocate.

Search for federal legislators by ZIP code. Information about each member of Congress is available online along with a link to his/her website. Each member has a “contact us” page for communication via email with the office.


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