Compass Compliance
  • Compass Compliance

    The cornerstone for THA's Compass data program.

HIDI Data Collection

HIDI's hospital discharge data collection tool is the cornerstone for THA's Compass data program. Participating hospitals submit data through a secure, web-based tool. HIDI data submission tools ensure accurate, high-quality data meets your reporting needs.

All You Need Is A Password And An Email Address

The secure login page will prompt for an email address and password for our system. Due to HIPAA security requirements, each individual user must have their own password for this system. Initially, most users will receive an automated email from our system that includes their email and password for access. If you need access to this system and are not already aware of an existing password, please send THA a request for access.

Once you have successfully logged into the system for the first time, a screen will display prompting for creation of an individual password and selection of security questions and answers.

These questions and answers will be used to ensure your identity when logging on from other unknown and/or public locations. Complete the information and select “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.

The Home Screen

The next page will be referred as your HOME screen. This will be the screen you see when you login to the system. This screen provides a list of available menu options placed horizontally across the top of the page. Below is the list of users authorized to access the account for your facility. Please review the user list when you login and verify the users listed are authorized to access your facilities’ data. If changes need to be made, click the email address listed above your user list and send a note to your analyst stating the required changes and reason for the change. They will follow-up with you if further information is required.

Data Submission

Select the correct facility from the dropdown menu. Some users may see multiple facilities on their drop-down list. You may submit data for multiple facilities but only one at a time.

Once your hospital is selected, you will click the “Browse” button. This opens a windows browsing screen where you can navigate to the proper location and select your discharge data file to be uploaded.