Membership Types

The Texas Hospital Association offers a variety of membership options to meet the unique needs and facility types in Texas. Membership is from Sept. 1 through Aug. 31.

Active Institutional Membership - Types 1 and 2:

For hospitals and systems or other similar institutions that have direct responsibility for the care and treatment of patients.

  • Type 1: Independent hospitals.
  • Type 2: Multi-hospital systems and hospital-based integrated health care organizations.

Associate Institutional Membership - Types 3 - 8B:

For organizations interested in the mission and objectives of the association, but not eligible for active institutional membership.

  • Type 3: Federal hospitals and state long-term hospitals.
  • Type 4: Independent, non-hospital based physician group practices.
  • Type 5: Independent, non-hospital based health plans.
  • Type 6: Ambulatory care institutions.
  • Type 7: Hospitals under construction.
  • Type 8A: Nonprofit health care-related organizations.
  • Type 8B: For-profit health care-related organizations.

Become a Member

Download applications for:

For other membership types, contact the Membership Department at 512/465-1084.