THA Digital Marketing

More than 1,500 hospitals across the United States use social media to communicate with patients, families, visitors, referring physicians and the general public. A tremendous amount of effort goes into creating a successful social media program, but it takes the right staff, relevant content, knowledge of best practices and executive buy-in.

And, of course, coordinating all the day-to-day juggling that goes into it requires crisp execution and the ability to look ahead to tomorrow’s possible crises.

THA Digital Marketing provides education, training, consulting services and assistance to hospitals and health care systems that want to generate engagement and use multiple social media platforms successfully.

THA Digital Marketing offers four products and services:

  • Patient identification/acquisition through the use of online health risk assessments;
  • Digital audit and performance review of current websites and social media sites;
  • Directory management services; and
  • Custom training and education

About THA Digital Marketing

In 2015, the Texas Hospital Association devised a joint venture with the Social Health Institute to meet the growing demands of evolving patient needs. Through research and partnerships with health care organizations around the country, SHI explores new and innovative ways for hospitals and health care organizations to develop and enhance their social media and digital marketing strategy.



THA Digital Marketing overview
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