Beacon gives you the ability to manage your IT network from end-to-end, without overburdening your own IT staff.

Hospitals are struggling to keep up with IT complexity, tight budgets, shortages of IT expertise, and concerns over security. You know it’s critical that your hospital successfully manage your IT infrastructure and network. For many hospitals, relying on in-house IT staff simply may not make the most sense.

Beacon offers comprehensive, end-to-end management services. Let us handle network management, monitoring and operations.

What is Beacon?

Beacon gives hospitals a way to delegate operational IT duties. Beacon assumes responsibility for 24-hour monitoring and alerting, as well as management and problem resolution for your IT environment.

Beacon provides the physical and logical IT infrastructure, powerful administrative controls, access to skilled and experienced resources, top-of-the-line monitoring and alerting, and a single dashboard where you can oversee it all.

Why does my hospital need Beacon?

THA wants to reduce the burden on small to mid-sized hospitals and health care systems by connecting your hospital to an off-site team that can give you best-in-class support and resources.

Stop responding to threats and IT issues reactively. Allow Beacon to proactively manage your network rather than just fixing it after something breaks. Free up your in-house IT team to focus on your hospital’s business needs instead of putting out the next fire.

Unlike your in-house software systems, the underlying IT infrastructure and environment for your hospital is generic in nature and can be managed, monitored and operated easily managed off-site, without substantial in-house expertise. Beacon puts your network in the hands of a team who is there for your hospital, around the clock, with some of the best people and top network management tools available.

What does Beacon do?

Beacon gives you end-to-end management, monitoring and alerting of your hospital’s IT infrastructure. Utilizing over 400,000 incident and attack directives, Beacon can detect the specific indicators that signal trouble on your network that could slow down productivity or put your network at risk for attack. Our cutting-edge technology gives you self-healing scripts or patches that can respond proactively to security events as they happen. Beacon provides constant vigilance and protection, around the clock.

Beacon provides a well-planned and managed infrastructure – both physical and logical. With Beacon, your network operations center moves off-site to one of three data centers. The job of helping your IT infrastructure grow and adapt over time becomes our team’s problem, not yours.

With Beacon, you will have a powerful controls system. This allows you to customize the physical, technical and administrative controls to what works best for your hospital and keeps your network safe and efficient – keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Beacon provides you access to a deep bench of some of the most highly-qualified experts in the business. We hire some of the best people, and they are ready to provide your hospital with specialized, remote engineering resources and a scalable, flexible staff to tackle the firefighting and any remediation.

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