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Developing a strategy to help your hospital grow market share, build patient volume, and attract and retain the best physicians takes time, effort and an immense amount of data. Thanks to electronic health records, technological advances and state reporting requirements, hospitals have access to more data today than ever before, but deciphering and understanding it is no easy task. Atlas, a powerful data visualization tool from THA, helps you make sense out of your data and translate it into actionable information that will help you determine the best course forward for your hospital.

By integrating data from the Texas Health Care Information Collection and THA’s Compass, Atlas provides a complete view of the health care environment in Texas. You don’t just see how your hospital is performing; you see how your hospital’s competitors are performing. You don’t just see whether a patient was readmitted to your facility; you see whether that patient was readmitted to any facility in the state. You don’t just see how many times a physician performed a particular procedure in your operating room; you see how many times that physician performed the procedure in the hospital across town.

Atlas helps hospitals monitor their performance, track trends, and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Specifically, it helps hospitals:

  • Study physician behavior and determine where physicians are performing their procedures;
  • Analyze patient migration patterns across the state;
  • Obtain valuable demographic data about patients, including average household income, average family size and average spending on health insurance; and
  • Slice and dice data to uncover key insights and valuable opportunities.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing varies per hospital/health care system and is based on net patient revenue.



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