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Texas Hospitals is the magazine of the Texas Hospital Association. Published six times per year, Texas Hospitals focuses on THA-member hospitals/health systems and the issues they face. From articles about innovative products and services to in-depth pieces on current issues and trends, Texas Hospitals provides relevant information health care executives can use to help their hospitals.

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Articles from the July/August 2019 Issue

The Texas Oil Boom and Health Care Transformation

The Texas Oil Boom & Health Care Transformation

Hospital leaders in West Texas shift their focus to finding innovative ways to improve provider capabilities, infrastructure and population health.
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Population Health Strategies Yielding Results

Population Health Strategies Yielding Results

Texas hospitals are linking patients to primary care, focusing on prevention and more.
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Creating Buy-In with (the Right) Data

Creating Buy-In with (the Right) Data: What's the Secret?

Texas hospitals harness unique tech partnerships to get the most out of their information.
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Off the Mark

Adapting Business Strategies: How Hospitals are Adjusting so They Capture Referrals from Independent Facilities

Hospitals adjust to a changing health care landscape, build partnerships with independent “convenient care facilities" to capture referrals, integrate care and improve patient outcomes.
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A New Standard for Retirement Planning

Employees win as THA levels the playing field for rural hospitals.
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Texas health care leaders advancing in the industry.
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What are your strategies and advice as hospital media relations communications professionals to pitch news media in order to localize national media stories like surprise billing, Medicare for All, maternal health and others?
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