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Center for Technology Innovation



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Smart Ribbon

Cost/Utilization Reduction

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IT & Network Management

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Atlas Compass

Claims Data

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Technology Update with Fernando Martinez

THA Chief Digital Officer Fernando Martinez discusses cybersecurity, how it pertains to the hospitals and what they have to be watching out for right now. Hear more about cybersecurity at the inaugural Texas Health Care Security and Technology Conference, Sept. 28-29 in Austin at Texas Hospital Association. Reserve your spot now at tha.org/techconference.

We saw the need for a formal initiative around technology. Hospitals needed a dedicated advocate to help them solve the pain points where IT is concerned.

Ted Shaw, president/chief executive officer


With the creation of the Texas Hospital Association’s Center for Technology Innovation in 2016, THA took on the role of champion for Texas hospitals in the technology space. Today, the Center for Technology has become a reliable, unbiased source for experts, information and solutions to serve hospital leaders across Texas.

The Center for Technology Innovation is led by Fernando Martinez, Ph.D., a veteran healthcare executive and award-winning technologist who has worked with some of the largest healthcare systems in the country. He served in a variety of healthcare settings and brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience delivering innovative and transformational technology strategies for organizations of all size to the Center.

Innovation is a term that gets kicked around a lot in today’s tech circles. For us at CTI, it’s specific. Innovation means finding novel uses of existing resources to create value.

Fernando Martinez, chief digital officer

From its inception, the Center for Technology Innovation was created as the answer to a dramatic shift in the healthcare industry. Technology had grown from a secondary priority to a core component in almost every aspect of operating a successful hospital. From the back office to the bedside, technology played a vital role in whether or not a hospital could succeed.

Texas Hospital Association quickly identified a gap for hospitals. While there was certainly no shortage of information and companies vying to be the next perfect technology for hospitals, Texas hospital leaders had no partner to help them find what would really work. That type of partnership seemed a natural role for the Texas Hospital Association.

Current Initiatives

Atlas, THA’s powerful data visualization tool, helps hospitals make sense out of their data and turn it into actionable insights they can use to develop a strategy to grow market share, build patient volume, and attract and retain the best physicians.

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Compass (formerly known as the THA Patient Data System) helps hospitals with timely and accurate submission of mandated claims data to the Texas Health Care Information Collection and provides reports to help them benchmark performance.

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Radar, THA’s cybersecurity awareness program, helps hospitals protect their valuable health care data by testing, training and re-testing employees to ensure they can properly identify and respond to phishing emails.

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THA Smart Ribbon powered by IllumiCare gives clinicians real-time, patient-specific cost and risk data at the point of care, allowing them to make the best decisions for their patients when it matters most.

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Beacon gives hospitals a comprehensive suite of tools for network management including monitoring, security, event logging, and IT patching, giving hospitals the peace of mind that their network is safe and secure.

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