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If an illness or injury occurs, you count on the health care safety net to be there for you and your loved ones. The familiar blue “H” signals help and hope. But that promise is in jeopardy.

Don't put a life like Abby's at risk just to balance the state budget.
Don't put a life like Abby's at risk just to balance the state budget.
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The State of Texas faces an unprecedented budget shortfall, and the magnitude of health care cuts being considered will have far-reaching consequences for all Texans. If funding for local hospitals, doctors and nurses is not maintained, the health care system will be hurt beyond repair, and you will suffer the consequences.

Some cuts don’t heal, including those being proposed now in Austin. Get involved and tell your state legislators to protect funding for local hospitals!

Under the Dome
The budget debate begins in earnest.

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Listen to a nurse voice her concerns
about the proposed health care budget cuts.

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